SND35 World’s Best: Dagens Nyheter

dagensfeaThe judges wrote:

A newspaper that’s designed like a magazine, Sweden’s largest morning daily delivers a no-nonsense news report whose strength stems from strong, boldly cropped photos. The design uses white space efficiently to present a lot of information without overwhelming the reader.

The front page does not lose its impact, even while still offering readers many options inside.

For a small-format newspaper, it does big, ambitious work. A two-page spread on Barack Obama juxtaposes a younger president, who had won the Nobel Peace Prize, with an older Obama visiting Sweden as he contemplated bringing the U.S. into a new war.

The bright color palette and strong typography are the driving navigational force that takes readers through the newspaper.

The typographical combinations are varied but always harmonious. In their confident hands, this succeeds.

Similarly, the pairing of text and image is purposeful and thought out, for example in the Boklordag spread where the author looks into the white space on the facing page, guiding the reader into the story.

Interpreting news for readers sometimes means expressing information conceptually, as it did on a section front that sounded the death knell for subway tickets by using them to create a graveyard cross. Dagens Nyheter interprets with style, while never losing sight of substance.

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