SND35: Sunday night update

Sat evening (1240)

Night falls on Syracuse and the SND International Web Desk is busy cranking out coverage from the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. And there is a lot more to come tonight and tomorrow. We are up to over 775 total awards. We’ve awarded 33 (and counting) silver medals, four gold medals and four JSRs.


World’s Best: They have cut the finalists list from 29 to six and are working toward a final vote for the final list of World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers. There is still an extensive process after that, so that final list won’t be available any time soon.

Visuals: Graphics (non-deadline)

News: Category 3 (News Page Design) medal discussions

Features: Magazine cover design

Long-form: Magazine special sections


You can find a collection of all of our SND35 content here.

Earlier today, we provided the final 29 newspapers being considered for the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper final list. That story is here.

You can find a list of judges and their bios here.

We posted a great behind-the-scenes video from Syracuse here.

We also posted three slideshows of interesting page on the table. Those links are here and here and here.


We are posting every 50th award of excellence winner. You can find them all here.

Here are links to where we are posting every silver medal and gold medal. As well as JSRs.

In addition, Josh Crutchmer is providing a lot of interesting competition-related material on the @sportsdesigner twitter feed.

TOMORROW, WE WILL JUDGE A NEW CATEGORY (Combo print and digital presentation)

This year, SND added a new category for its Best of News Design™ competition, Category 20 (Combo print and digital presentation) and 92 papers submitted entries in news, sports or features subcategories!

35th competition coordinator Colin Smith said the entry entails figuring out some logistical details (namely finding a way to boost our Internet capacity in our venue and finding the right combination of devices to view the digital portion of each entry.)

“This seems like a category that both U.S. and international papers are really excited about,” Smith said. “For being a new category, such an immediate and explosive responsive is thrilling. This highlights how interested the industry is moving in this new media direction and I’m glad SND can be part of recognizing this fundamental shift in how we tell stories.”

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