SND35: National Geographic joint print-digital entry named Best in Show

SND35 gold medal

SND35 gold

SND35 gold medal

A National Geographic joint print-digital entry was named Best in Show for the 35th edition of the Best of News Design™ competition. Twenty-two judges voted unanimously to give the award on Monday afternoon.

The entry, which began as a Judges Special Recognition  award for storytelling for all of the winning National Geographic entries, was submitted just after the magazine won a Gold Medal and two Silver Medals in the new Print/Digital combination category.

SND35 silver

SND35 silver

The judges’ comments:

“This print storytelling would stand in any print medium. The production values of this is flawless.

Each piece is carved for its medium. What works best in print shines there, what supplements it with the app goes deeper there.

“This industry is struggling a lot right now with what we look like online and what we look like in print. The amount of cohesion across platforms here was very strong; the branding is solid; the experience is immersive. It’s flawless. They use the tools they have to best tell the story, not necessarily all the same time or all for the same story: Video, print, interactive, apps. The experience is cinematic, each one has a tone and atmosphere.

“Now for (SND), it’s important for people to know it’s not just print, it’s telling stories. The combination of the work in the National Geographic is perfect. “

SND35 silver

snd35 silver

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