SND35: 5 World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers

worlds35In the 35th annual The Best of News Design™ creative competition, five Society for News Design judges have named the World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers.

They are:

Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm, Sweden

Die Zeit, Hamburg, Germany

The Grid, Toronto, Canada

The Guardian, London, England

Welt am Sonntag, Berlin, Germany

World's Best
World’s Best-Designed™ Newspapers judges (from left): Fabián Cárdenas, Gayle Grin, Naedine Hazell, Lotta Ek and Peter Nguyen


In announcing the winners this week, the judges released this statement:


Good is good.

The things we all looked for, we all found.

That we found them in most of the winning publications from the previous year might not be surprising to you. It was to most of us.

So, three days of thumbing through nearly 200 newspapers took us on a long journey that brought us back to the place we began. And the signpost said: good is good.

As designers, we are all hungry for quality. So, as we looked over the offerings, we searched for good dishes, prepared with flair, but using the same excellent ingredients.

  • A timeless design
  • A strong voice
  • A bold approach
  • An apparent hierarchy
  • A design that serves the readers
  • Visuals that excite
  • Good ideas
  • Consistency
  • Courage

But good ingredients are nothing without good chefs. So, after sampling hundreds of sections and thousands of details, we found that the award winners stood out. They had prepared their offerings with a mélange of  passion and restraint, spice and texture and consistent quality.

That’s the reason we returned to many of the same favorites from last year. The best have a way of rising to the top regardless of who is doing the tasting.

Fabián Cárdenas

Lotta Ek

Gayle Grin

Naedine Hazell

Peter Nguyen

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