Mario Garcia on infographics at the South China Morning Post

[Editor’s Note: Mario Garcia, founder and CEO of Garcia Media, has devoted a week on The Mario Blog to explore his client newspapers that have earned recognition at SND35. Here is Dr. Garcia’s look at the high bar for infographics set by the South China Morning Post, republished with permission.]

Adolfo Arranz
Adolfo Arranz

If looking for inspiration and perhaps one newspaper where the best infographics are created today, turn to the South China Morning Post of Hong Kong.

The Society of News Design in its SND35 competition, has recognized this, too, awarding the SCMP a Judge’s Special Recognition for its body of work in infographics. In addition, a silver medal to the talented Adolfo Arranz for his portfolio.

In addition, these Awards of Excellence:

17 to Adolfo Arranz (11 information graphics, 6 page design)

3 to Alberto Lucas (1 information graphics, 2 page design)

1 to Kaliz Lee (portfolio illustration)

“I think it has been a welcome recognition of a year of prolific work. We have the honor to rise to first position for infographics information awards with 13 medals,” Adolfo told me.

One of the most striking winners by Adolfo Arranz is the City of Anarchy graphics, about the Kowloon Walled City, which was demolished in the early 1990s. It took Adolfo one month to draw and to organize the information graphic this, Hong Kong’s so called “den of sin,” a place which at its most crammed, included 500 buildings, housing 50,000 people.

[This was the final of five parts on The Mario Blog reflecting on SND35. For more posts, images and links, please visit Dr. Garcia’s original post.]

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