Free SND Student Symposium on Friday, Feb. 7

On the eve of this year’s SND competition judging in Syracuse, the SND Foundation is sponsoring a free workshop for students in Syracuse on Friday, Feb. 7.

Plus, students will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with some of the industry’s top-tier designers in a critique session after the presentations.

Here’s the afternoon lineup:

12:30 Free pizza! Sponsored by the SND Foundation

David Kordalski
David Kordalski

1 p.m.: DAVID KORDALSKI: Redesigning Outside the Lines
Visual journalists are often the innovators, the ones prepared to shake dust off old notions of what readers expect. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Visual Editor and SND President discusses his newspaper’s latest redesign and how the staff has maintained or improved the paper while working outside the traditional newsroom and delivery structure. More about David Kordalski.

Sara Quinn
Sara Quinn

2 p.m. SARA QUINN: Storytelling Across Platforms
The Poynter Institute educator talks about how your audience wants to get the content that you — and only you — can provide. Practical ideas for the best use of graphics, audio, video and how to share information in print, online, through social media and mobile. Session includes a list of (mostly free) apps and software to help. 3 p.m. More about Sara Quinn.

Jennifer Daniel
Jennifer Daniel

3 p.m.: JENNIFER DANIEL: This Is Not My Beautiful Chart, This Is Not My Beautiful Map
What the f*ck does “data visualization” mean? This session, led by Jennifer Daniel of Bloomberg Businessweek, offers an honest discussion about what it’s like to have one foot in research, one foot in design, a hand in illustration and another hand in editing—then putting any remaining appendages to use on top of that. More about Jennifer Daniel.

Get a critique of work (print or digital) from one of the speakers or another pro. To sign up, register for the critiques here


Register for the symposium here. Registration is free, but mandatory.


S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
Room 141, Newhouse 3
215 University Place
Syracuse, NY 13244

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