3 Questions: Rich Boudet

rich2Rich Boudet is Sunday sports editor at the Seattle Times, and is on the team judging the News entries for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. To get to know him better, we posed three questions:

Have you spotted any design trends?
Vector illustrations and circle graphics, lots of circle graphics.

Do you have advice for anyone entering the contest in the future?
Don’t take a result with too much pride or depression, it’s a big contest. Also, sometimes a win or loss can hinge on elements the designer is stuck with, like typefaces. Figure out the very best way to use your type palette.

What inspires you?
Seeing great work from all over the world. That’s the best part of being here!

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is design editor of the Hearst Connecticut Newspapers and 2015 president of the Society for News Design.

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