3 Questions: Naedine Hazell

hazell2Naedine Hazell is special projects and publications editor at the Hartford Courant, and is a World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper judge at SND35. To get to know her better, we posed three questions:

What have you noticed about the entries?
In news, photography has gotten much weaker, but feature and sports photography has gotten better. The ascendency of sports in general is remarkable. I wonder what the reason is. Perhaps it is because we know when a game is, but news is much chancier, much less knowable.

Do you have advice for anyone entering in the future?
Read the directions (on the call for entries). I would also advice people to take more risks. They don’t have anything to lose at this point. And the furniture on the page needs to be settled better. They are starting to get furniture from other rooms!

What inspires you? 
I get my inspiration from the photography in the story. The photos speak to me and the design should come from that. When the story, photos and design come together, it’s like a symphony, a gourmet meal, a fine wine…

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