3 Questions: Jørgen Høg

hogJørgen Høg is editor in chief at Søfart in Denmark and is a judge on the long-form team for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. To get to know him better, we asked three questions:

What do you think of the entries you’ve seen as a judge?
It’s good sometimes but on average I’m not impressed. There’s a lot of American spirit — football, baseball, basketball and all that — but as I European I think it’s way too much.

It it difficult being a judge?
It’s three days of hard work but apart from that it’s nice to be part of this jury. But the plan tomorrow is to go out for a run and get some fresh air.

Have you spotted any trends?
If there is anything it must be simplicity: keep it simple. I graphics and layout you can do anything on a computer but you have to go along in a professional way. But if you use the tools correctly you can have success. Simplicity … and consistency.

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