3 Questions: Jennifer Daniel

jenniferdaniel2Jennifer Daniel is a visual journalist at the New York Times and is judging the Visuals category for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. To get to know her better, we posed three questions:

This is your first time judging the competition. How are you enjoying being a judge?
There are a lot of publications I haven’t been able to see in person before like the South China Morning Post, the National Post, and a bunch of German pubs, so that’s pretty great.

What are your impressions of the entries?
Competitions are a crap shoot … still I’d never think to enter the same work into multiple categories to increase my chances … yet that seems to be a popular strategy. Generally it backfires for me–the third or fourth time I see the same thing I’m like, “Seriously? Again?”  Though, I blame SND for that—the distinction between categories in the same discipline are so finely sliced it often feels arbitrary when looking at them en mass. Really? Does it matter if it’s a feature deadline vs just deadline? Probably not. Through, I am glad to see they made individual categories for topics like Sports, Business and Culture this year.

What are your passions outside of design?
I’m one of those people who always has a hobby, but it’s always changing. I guess lately it includes bread tab collecting, biking every day, and beer tasting. OK, OK, just drinking beer.


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