3 Questions: Gayle Grin

gayleGayle Grin is managing editor/design and graphics at PostMedia and design consultant, National Post in Toronto, a former SND president, and is on the team judging the World’s Best-Designed Newspaper for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. We asked her three questions:

How did your first day of judging go?
I felt really thrilled when I voted my first yes, and then the next paper I saw I liked even better.

What’s your takeaway from the competition? 
I’ve seen some very poorly designed papers that have very good photography, and some very well-designed newspapers that seem to have a disconnect with photos. The photos just landed on the page, not purposefully placed. I’m also seeing a lot of good design, but not a lot of surprise. The papers I expect to be good are good, but sometimes they underwhelm me. The other thing I notice is papers are trying to do so much for attention, there is no focus. They just seem to be very busy. My eyes don’t know where to go.

So what are your passions, aside from news design?
I love to cook for a crowd, and I like to dance.

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