3 Questions: Frank Mina

mina2Frank Mina is AME/Presentation at the San Francisco Chronicle and is a judge for the 35th Best of News Design™ competition. To get to know him better, we posed three (or maybe three-and-a-half) questions:

What advice would you give to designers entering the competition in the future?
Editing your pieces so that the entry works as a whole and a piece unto itself. Watch the tempo and flow.

What has surprised you as a judge?
How fulfilling it is to be able to look at so many amazing entries and to be able to set the bar so high so that only the best of the best are awarded.

What is your favorite sci-fi movie? 
“The Empire Strikes Back.” (How  many times have you seen it?) Oh geez. Countless.

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is design editor of the Hearst Connecticut Newspapers and 2015 president of the Society for News Design.

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