3 Questions: Fabián Cárdenas

fabian2Fabián Cárdenas is the art director for El Heraldo in Barranquilla, Colombia, and is World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper competition judge at SND35. To get to know him better, we posed three questions:

What was your takeaway from being a judge?
A wonderful experience and having a different perspective about the world of newspaper design.

Do you have any advice for people entering next year?
To work with passion and dedication and to take risks. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because it can get you far. Get out of your comfort zone and if you make mistakes, that’s the way to learn.

Are there any trends you’ve spotted?
I think the trend that I have spotted the most is that newspapers have taken their designs more into magazine design, but not all of them do it the right way.

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