SND 35 Call for Entries: Mandela Categories Added

The Call for Entries for the 35th annual Best of News Design Creative Competition has been updated to reflect subcategories for work related to the passing of Nelson Mandela last week.

The specific changes to the call are as follows:

Category 4: Breaking News Topics (Single page or pages created on a deadline cycle) — Subcategory 4i: Nelson Mandela has been added

Category 5: Special News Topics (Multiple pages that demonstrate coverage of one theme) — Subcategory 5i: Nelson Mandela has been added

SND and the competition committee are making these amendments for two reasons: First, the competition covers calendar year 2013, and would not be appropriate to ignore news that breaks after the Call for Entries has been printed. Second, Mandela’s death was one of the most transcendent world news events to happen this year. From a journalism standpoint, his passing was and continues to be covered worldwide at a high level. We recognize this and recognize that work related to his passing will appear in Categories 4 and 5 regardless, and this change allows all of that work to be presented to the competition judges together.

Please note: Mandela pages that are entered in other subcategories in 4 or 5 will be moved to these added categories when the competition begins. So those who miss this information should rest assured their work will be entered correctly.

This decision was made this weekend and the decision to announce it while this event is ongoing was made out of an understanding that the Call has been printed and mailed, the U.S. deadline (January 15) is barely more than a month away, and to allow people entering the competition the maximum time possible to account for the changes.

You can find the updated Call for Entries here.

The updated Call is available in English, Spanish, Arabic and German. You can find complete information about the SND35 Call for Entries here.

— Josh Crutchmer, SND competition committee member, on behalf of SND

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