Help the SND Foundation help students … and help yourself to a tax break, too!

Ahh, the new year is nearly upon us — a time of giving, of reflection, of charity, and perhaps most importantly, of last-minute tax deductions!

To that end, you might want to consider a donation to the Society for News Design Foundation  … you can do some good and get a tax break, too.

Just a few things the Foundation accomplished in 2013:

  • Awarded a $2,000 scholarship to a deserving student selected from among more than 20 applications from aspiring young news designers.
  • Awarded a $750 prize to the winner of the Student Designer of the Year competition.
  • Gave $7,200 to defray the travel/registration costs for 10 students to attend the SND workshop at Louisville.
  • Gave $5,000 to endow the Edmond Arnold Scholarship at Syracuse University.
  • Awarded $6,000 to fund a full-paid summer internship for a college student at the San Francisco Chronicle.

The bottom line is that SNDF is critical to the larger mission of SND: supporting and encouraging a wide pool of talented people destined to be the creative leaders who will shape the future of news media. It’s a worthy enterprise — one that should be a source of pride for all of us who’ve been a part of SND.

We’re asking you to express that pride by making a year-end gift.  Please donate online via PayPal or credit card . You can also include a Foundation donation when you renew your SND membership. SNDF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Thanks, and remember, it’s for the kids!

David Kordalski, SND Vice President and SNDF Chairman

Neal Pattison, SNDF President

p.s. If you still need a bit more convincing of the impact SNDF can have on professional development, here are some testimonials of past SNDF grant recipients. They make a much more compelling case.

Sisi Wei

Sisi Wei
Sisi Wei


CURRENT JOB: News Applications Developer, ProPublica

“This scholarship made a very real difference in my life as a journalist and as a designer. The most tangible result is that I landed my first job offer in journalism as a result of attending SND that year, and from an employer I both respected and admired. The exposure I received has also allowed me find and stay in contact with professional mentors. On a less tangible, but just as important note, winning the SND Foundation scholarship instilled within me a confidence that I was and could be a great designer, even though my design skills were mostly self-taught.”

Danielle Rindler

Danielle Rindler
Danielle Rindler


CURRENT JOB: News designer at the Arizona Republic

“I went to the SND conference in St. Louis my senior year, and at the time I still wasn’t sure if a job in visual journalism was what I wanted once I graduated. But going to the conference and seeing all the awesome things people were doing and the innovation that was happening in the industry made me realize it was something I wanted to be a part of. It was also a great way to learn about trends in the industry from the people who are making them happen, which is something you rarely get exposed to in a classroom.”

Emmet Smith

Emmet Smith, circa 2001
Emmet Smith, circa 2001


CURRENT JOB: Curation lead, The Plain Dealer

“The projects that the Foundation undertakes — particularly the travel grants — are vitally important to the task of helping the best and the brightest of journalism’s next wave engage with the Society. This both allows them to benefit from the wealth of talent and experience among SND’s ranks and the Society to grow through their talents, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives. For managers and students alike, that mix is invaluable. I may never have met David Kordalski had I not been at SND Savannah in 2002 on a travel grant. I’ve worked with him for a decade now.”

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