First look: 2013 Best of Digital design competition

2013 has been an incredible year for digital design, and we need your help in recognizing the industry’s best work across digital platforms. The 2013 Best of Digital Design competition is coming up, so get your entries ready!

For the most part, we’re keeping the same categories as last year but with one exciting addition. This year, we’ll be keeping the entry date open into February to allow entries from the 2014 winter Olympic Games to be entered. This will allow us to judge the incredible work that the Olympics always seem to provide, rather than waiting a year. Since we’re leaving the door open for one category, any work published in January and February will also still be considered in this competition year.

The categories are as follows:

World’s Best


Breaking or daily news

Single-subject project
Planned coverage
Non-planned coverage
Data project


Single-story project
eBook/magazine format

Continuous use

Section or topic
Use of multimedia

Special Events

Winter Olympics portfolio
The death of Nelson Mandela



Similar to last year, we need your help in identifying the World’s Best news apps and websites. The jury will evaluate the overall design of your app or site, and how it performs in the categories of this competition: breaking news, features, section templates, data, use of multimedia. Follow this link to make a nomination for World’s Best app or news site. (Please note you can make nominations outside of your own organization.)

The deadline for entries is Friday, February 28 at 11:59 pm ET, and we will begin accepting entries at shortly after the holiday season.

Thanks for your entries and support,

-Ryan Sparrow and Jeremy Gilbert
Directors, Best of Digital Design

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