The Daily Orange Redesign: A decision on typefaces

This past weekend, we narrowed down our type options. We decided to go with Benton to replace Knockout. Benton is more versatile than Knockout, and comes in condensed and light versions, which will work well for our feature section. It has a smoother look for headlines than Knockout does. Although we were weary of losing Knockout, a typeface that has been a part of the D.O. for so long, we think the versatility of Benton will allow the design editors to have more freedom with their layouts.

Our new typefaces

My one concern with Benton is it is more generic than Knockout, however I think the play between Benton and our other new typefaces will create a fun dynamic.

To replace Electra, we have selected Chronicle. We are very excited about the idea of using Chronicle in sports. It is sophisticated, yet also more playful and warm than Electra. Benton could also be used for sports in situations where we need something heavier. For instance, if we wanted to use text on photo, Chronicle would be too light and would have to be substituted with Benton.

Chronicle contrasts nicely with the slab Jubilat that was suggested to us. Jubilat has a variety of weights that could be useful for creating furniture elements. It has some personality, which works well for our section branding. The use of Jubilat should keep the paper looking appropriate for its college audience.

As for body copy, I intend to keep Nimrod. We have been happy with Nimrod’s legibility and the texture it gives our pages.

Question: Is there anything else that I should consider when it comes to choosing a body copy typeface?

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