Bid for great illustrations, help the SND Foundation

SND illustrationsThink you missed all the great deals at the Society for News Design Foundation silent auction?

Think again.

We saved the best deals for everyone to get in on at here.

Seven illustrators — Miguel Davila, Adonis Durado, Martin Gee, Michael Hogue, Andrea Levy, Troy Oxford and Dan Zacroczemski — have donated their services to create a custom illustration for you. Each illustration is valued at $1,000, but bids start at only $250. That means you could get the opportunity to work with world-class artists for a much lower price than they would normally charge.

If that’s not enough, how about a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscription that starts at $100?

And all of your money will go to the Foundation which funds scholarships, internships, travel grants and training.

You have until 5 p.m. EST on Friday, Dec. 6 to get in on the action. But don’t wait too long to stake your claim.

The bidding starts now!

  • Bid on an Adonis Durado illustration here
  • Bid on an Andrea Levy illustration here
  • Bid on a Dan Zakroczemski illustration here
  • Bid on a Martin Gee illustration here
  • Bid on a Michael Hogue illustration here
  • Bid on a Miguel Davila illustration here
  • Bid on a Troy Oxford illustration here
  • Bid on an Adobe Creative Cloud one-year subscription here

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