SNDLOU: Meet Michael Renaud, creative director at Pitchfork

Michael Renaud, creative director at Pitchfork
Michael Renaud, creative director at Pitchfork

Kyle Ellis: What is your current position?

Michael Renaud: Creative Director at Pitchfork.

KE Can you share a little background on your career?

MR: I graduated from the University of Illinois in 2000 with an advertising degree. I’m a self-taught designer—I initially got into it by designing the ads I sold for the Daily Illini, and screen printing posters for shows. After school, I started working for the Chicago Sun-Times in their marketing department and quickly transitioned to a designer role. I left in 2007 as their marketing and art director to work on my own. Pitchfork was one of my first clients at the time, and as they’ve grown over the last six years, I’ve slowly transitioned into this full-time role within the company. I continue to share a studio and art gallery on the side with five friends who are all independent contractors of different disciplines.

KE: What topic will you be speaking on at SNDLOU?

MR: I’ll be speaking about a few things we worked on at Pitchfork this year, our process and rationale, what designing within the music industry is like, and I’ll be showing some upcoming projects as well.

KE: Why are you excited about speaking at SNDLOU?

MR: I’m really looking forward to meeting the other speakers and attendees!

KEWhat are you personally looking forward to at SNDLOU?

MR: Bourbon.

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