SNDLOU: Introducing Andres Quesada, creative director of Gannett Digital

Courtney Kan: Can you share a little background on your career?

Andres Quesada: I’ve been at Gannett Digital for almost three years. I started here working primarily to design for local properties but moved quickly to assist in the relaunch efforts for USA Today. I lead internal design for that project and moved immediately afterwards to head up the design and information architecture teams for both mobile and desktop products. Before coming to Gannett Digital I spent the past 18 years working as a lead designer for a number of small startups i’n Northern Virginia. I focused an even split in my time between mobile and desktop application work. A brief three year stint at AOL back in 1997 kicked off my career as a designer where I joined a nefarious team of rebels working on popup advertisements.

CK: Why are you excited about speaking at SND LOU?

AQ: I’m very excited to be a part of what looks to be a robust and experienced crowd of professionals trying to answer some of the same problems we face here. I know the amount of work we’re doing here for USA Today. Magnifying that by all the local and broadcast properties for Gannett and you have a monumental amount of work  for one place. That we design it all here as well, that’s a point of pride. Letting people know that is something I always feel good about.

CK: What inspires you?

AQ: I’m inspired by smart and talented people.  I have a great story about a snapping turtle that would add some color here, but it’s long and drawn out and somewhat sideways. I’ll stay on track. My team is so very talented. Working with them every day to solve problems, design beautiful and useful interfaces makes me want to be a better designer. I push myself when I push them, if that makes sense.

CK: What is one piece of advice you have for SND LOU attendees?

AQ: Aim high. No… Higher. Not quite. That’s it! Now higher.

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