Sketchbook: Mike Rice

Mike Rice, features design director at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, shares some sketches for their Fall Arts Preview, with an illustration by Chiara Bautista of the Arizona Daily Star.

Designer sketches

MR1   MR2

I had the very beginnings of an idea to place a squirrel on stage for our Fall Arts Preview. Once we arrived at the idea of having him playing Hamlet (with an acorn skull, of course) everything else just fell into place.

Illustrator sketches

CB1   CB2

Final result


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I like this except for two things:

(1) The reverse type headline is hard to find. Why not fill that type in with a little color? Doesn’t have to be really dark.

(2) Any headline that uses the “It’s time” construction is the worst possible headline and should be rewritten immediately. You can take that headline and reuse it every year. Bad choice.

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