The Navy Yard shooting

On Monday morning, a dozen people were shot and killed in the Washington Navy Yard’s Building 197. The alleged shooter, Aaron Alexis, died during a gun battle with police. Here’s how newspapers told the story.

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The Dallas Morning News


Designed by Michael Apuan

The Des Moines Register


Designed by Nicole Bogdas, Gannett Des Moines Design Studio

The Cleveland Plain Dealer


Designed by Emmet Smith

The Los Angeles Times

Designed by Dan Santos

The Salinas Californian

Salinas Californian - A1-page-001

Designed by Kaila Uline, Phoenix Gannett Design Studio

The Desert Sun

Desert Sun - A1-page-001

Designed by Amil Steiner, Phoenix Gannett Design Studio

The Arizona Republic

Arizona Republic - A1-page-001

Designed by Brandon Ferrill, Phoenix Gannett Design Studio


RedEyeCover-page-001   Insidepages-page-001

Designed by Sara Stewart

The San Jose Mercury News


Designed by Mike Mayer

The Cincinnati Enquirer

001   002   003

Jeff Ruble, Louisville Gannett Design Studio

The Indianapolis Star

INDY_STAR-page-001   INDY_STAR-page-002   INDY_STAR-page-003

Karen Taylor, Louisville Gannett Design Studio

The Washington Post

The inside pages were designed by Greg Manifold, Brian Gross, Jeff Loudy, Chris George, Gerry Fey, and Kevin Cobb. A1 was designed by Katie Myrick. MaryAnne Golon and Robert Miller edited the photos and David Griffin helped with art direction. Kat Downs Mulder, Laris Karklis and their team of designers created the graphics for both print and digital.


Our lead photo was taken by Astrid Riecken and gave the sense of urgency that the morning brought. The secondary graphic helped to break down both the day’s events and the Navy Yard, an area of D.C. most people aren’t familiar with.

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The first two pages of the inside package continued the sense of urgency with staff photos by John McDonnell and Matt McClain. Across the bottom of the pages are eyewitness accounts from the day.

px   px

Pages 8 and 9 were fairly explanatory: what we knew about the shooter, how the fast news cycle failed at times, a look at how the Navy Yard operates, a breakdown of the deadliest U.S. shootings, and a first-person account of the day.

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Page 10 featured a really interesting scene photo taken by Marlon Correa, while page 11 showed a moment of relief, captured by Michel du Cille.


The final page of the package captured the grief of the day, with a vigil photo by Matt McClain, and profiles of some of the victims.

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