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SND is a global phenomenon and October promises to be a month in which its international character is celebrated in style. SND20, representing the Middle East and Africa, is planning to bring together leading media creative minds in Dubai (just over the Arc Bridge, pictured above) for a daylong Creative Design Conference, Oct. 7. The lineup features:

Shadi al Hasan, Managing Director and Founder, Flagship Projects
Adonis Durado, Design Director, Times of Oman and Al Shabiba
Miguel Gomez, Design Director, Gulf News
Arem Duplessis, Design Director, The New York Times Magazine
Jeff Goertzen, Senior Graphics Designer, Orange County Register

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SND Scandinavia is gearing up for its annual workshop, inviting you to “Take a walk on the Wrong Side” in Copenhagen Oct. 10-11. Everything you need to know is at

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