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The great thing about life is that nobody is perfect. Everyone has weakness and  strengths. Over the past nine months I have been figuring mine out and what I really  need to improve on and learn more about.

Obviously I have not been in the professional business too long and many, many things come with time. But one of my main struggles right now is knowing / finding / choosing illustrators. I didn’t go to art school and I am not fully aware of who’s the latest greatest artist and what the newest art styles are. But I want to learn – and am learning. I do have a great list of extremely talented illustrators I use almost on a weekly basis. Some newer faces I just started using and some that are TIME go-tos. But I want to expand this list. Whenever I start to research illustrators I always get so overwhelmed because of the immense amount of talented people out there.

How do you choose? How do you know? These are still questions I am searching to find the answers to. But in the mean time, here are a few of my favorites that I have worked with:

Brown Bird Design / Kate Francis

Kate is incredible for line drawings. We use her probably more than once a week. She is quick and her illustrations are always very smart and comical.

Todd Detwiler

Todd is fantastic for very conceptual illos. He can be serious or funny. I use him a lot for tech related illustrations and is always very quick and fun to work with.

Peter Arkle

I really love Peter’s work. His drawings are always beautiful and very funny. I have only worked with him a few times, but he has a great sense of humor in his illustrations and a very fun hand drawn style.

Mickey Duzyj

I just used Mickey for the first time a few weeks ago and he was great to work with! A very different style than the others I’ve worked with, I really love it. He has a few different styles and can also be very funny. I worked with him on a conceptual illo and right away came back to me with some fantastic ideas.

Martin Gee

I have known Martin for a while and just got the chance to hire him for the first time a few weeks ago. He has a great geometric type style that makes for very fun and playful illos. He was great to work with –  very quick and very smart ideas and created exactly what I had envisioned.

I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite illustrators that you work with! Like I said, I want to grow my list and know this is the perfect place to ask.


(Chelsea Kardokus is a designer for TIME magazine in New York City, where she recently launched 23&9 Creative.)

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Chelsea Kardokus is a designer at TIME magazine.


Dear Chelsea
My name is Carol Wellart and I’m an illustrator from Czech Republic. It would be pleasure for me to cooperate with you and create images for TIME magazine. Please, look at my website and thank you for your attention.)

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