Meet the interns: Jake Newton, The Los Angeles Times

When you’re working in a high school or college newsroom, there’s this rush when you’re on deadline and you think “It’s never going to get better than this!” … and then you work in a real-world newsroom. Having been here for three months, every night I walk out of work and immediately think “It’s really never going to get better than this.”

Newton_MugI saw just about every kind of news story during my internship at the Los Angeles Times. We had amazing coverage of the Oklahoma tornado, the defeat of DOMA and Prop. 8, the Zimmerman verdict and the Arizona wildfire that took the lives of 19 firefighters. I was in the newsroom while all of these were happening. In May, I got to see the Times’ A1 designer, Dan Santos, place a photo of a woman carrying a child in Moore, Oklahoma onto the front page. Last month, I saw Mark Yemma, who was doing A1 at the time, type in the words “Zimmerman not guilty.” The newsroom never fails to excite.

While at the Times, I worked primarily in the news section (A and our AA) but spent a couple weeks in Business.

This has been an incredibly humbling experience. I work with some of the best in the industry and they are the most amazingly hard-working people you could ever meet. Almost every member of the design staff has at least 15 years in the industry with some having been there for 30 plus years. They have seen it all and can whip up a beautiful layout in the time it takes me to figure out how to open up my email.

I also loved how challenging this internship was (and still is). During my second day, I was given two or three pages with gigantic five-column ads and by the end of the week I was designing between six and seven pages a night. I immediately felt like I was a member of the team and a true part of this huge building full of respected writers, photographers, designers and editors; we are all working for a common goal…and that is something I had to realize fast if I wanted to keep up. Future interns, it always pays in the long run to laugh at bad jokes! It’s so incredibly important to write things down and make sure you remember all of these names and all of these important people. It’s intimidating, but once you find the rhythm you are good to go! A friend of mine always says, “Team work makes the dream work.” It couldn’t be truer in a newsroom setting.

The Times has extended my internship into the fall and after that it will be headed back to Ohio U.

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