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We’re ending our pre-4th of July week with some fireworks of our own. We’ve decided to announce two new speakers today instead of one: Michael Renaud, Creative Director of Pitchfork, and Trei Brundrett, VP of Product and Technology for Vox Media.

If you haven’t been following the announcements this week, then you’ve hurt our feelings. Luckily, we don’t hold grudges in Louisville, so we’ll give you a quick recap of the five announcements for the week. Go to sndlou.com for the full bios.

Jaap Biemans // Art Director, Volkskrant Magazine
Biemans official job is at Volkskrant, but you probably know him best as the creater of Coverjunkie. According to Jaap, “Coverjunkie is about loving mags & loving creativity!”

Jon Hill // Design Editor of The Times of London and Eureka
At the 2012 SND competition, The Times earned a JSR for their amazing Olympic games coverage, and won a Gold Medal for science magazine Eureka (a Best of Show finalist).

Josh Klenert // Director of User Experience and Design (across all platforms) for Huffington Post
He’s worked with Print, Radio, TV, music videos and directed live shows for the likes of Billboard, Sundance, MTV, Clear Channel and even Lady Gaga.

Michael Renaud // Creative Director of Pitchfork
Beyond creating original artwork for the website and Pitchfork’s festivals and shows, Renaud’s art direction of  ”Cover Stories” has design circles buzzing.

Trei Brundrett // VP of Product and Technology, Vox Media
Trei led a team that developed SB Nation, which SND named a World’s Best Designed Website in this year’s digital competition.

That wraps up our announcements for the week. Want more? We’ll be announcing new speakers at the beginning of every week. That means you need to follow/friend us: @sndlou and facebook.com/sndlou

Thanks, and please be careful lighting fireworks this weekend, you need your fingers to click “follow” on our Twitter profile.

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