Chelsea & The City: The Summer Font Frenzy


I decided to write about something a little more lighthearted this week. A phenomenon I have noticed that I just need to share with someone, so I chose all of you. Everywhere I go I am seeing the same typography concept. Everywhere. In the subway, in Starbucks, on street poles, in store windows. On the Today Show they were talking about how there is always a summer song. Well, this year there is definitely a summer font.


Click to view the full-size image.
Click to view the full-size image.

Script with an all caps san serif. It is so funny to me that so many different companies are using this same typography strategy. When the font Wisdom Script came out in 2011 on Lost Type, I obviously loved it because I’m a girl and it’s cute. And I still love it today and use it for fun personal things. But do they all not realize their advertisements look almost the same?

It’s a pretty easy formula to figure out. (Insert type here in script) + (Insert type here in a san serif) + a few lines here and there (and possibly a cute icon) = Ta Da! Your very own summer font frenzy.

Maybe it’s just me who is seeing all of these, but I would love to see if any of you see these in your daily lives too. Tweet @crkardokus or Instagram @kardokus pictures of this phenomenon being used that you see using the hashtag #fontfrenzy. I am curious to see how many different ways and places these fonts are being used!

— Chelsea

(Chelsea Kardokus is a freelance designer for TIME magazine in New York City. See more of her work here.)

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Chelsea Kardokus is a designer at TIME magazine.

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