It’s down to 5 finalists: Vote on the cover of SND’s next Best of News Design book

Entry 21
Entry 21
Entry 24
Entry 24
Entry 38
Entry 38
Entry 39
Entry 39
Entry 45
Entry 45

We started with dozens of great covers, submitted from all over the world. A big thanks to all of the contributors for their striking, thoughtful and inventive concepts. Congratulations to our five finalists. And kudos to all of you for hundreds of votes and comments. Thanks to everyone for your participation.

These top five vote-getters represent your finalists for the cover of the 34rd edition of the SND awards book.

So, now, you’ve got your work cut out for you. One key change this round: you only get one vote. Use it wisely. (Note: After casting your vote the survey buttons will disappear, this only indicates that your ballot has been recorded).

Judges from across the globe met earlier this year in Syracuse and Muncie. They poured over thousands and thousands of print and digital entries and selected the best of print and digital news design. Now as the winners are assembled in SND’s Annual Best of News Design book, here’s your chance to be the judge: of the book’s cover. For the second year, SND is asking the design community vote on the cover of the book.

Here are the details:

    • Please vote for one (1) of the following submissions — which cover do you want to see on the front of the 33rd edition of the Best of News Design?
    • You are limited to one — period.
    • You vote by selecting the cover itself.
    • Voting will close on Friday, April 26, at 5 p.m. EDT.
    • The winning cover is subject to some changes as SND and the artist works through the book’s publication process.

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Also, please keep in mind that leaving a comment does NOT constitute as a vote. Please submit your vote by clicking on your desired entry.

Kyle, the slide show is not enough. You can’t see the details. Since this is now down to 5 finalists, why not show it in a much higher resolution so we can see the details. God is in the details.

I added higher res images … they look fuzzy to me so I’m going to go back to the source files and will update soon.


You can see super-duper high-res images by clicking on them and saying outloud the word “enhance” … just kidding.

Better images are posted.


I can’t believe people actually like 39. That has got to be the most boring design I’ve ever seen. Any 12 year old with Photoshop could have designed that.

I love 45 because of its simplicity. Well done, good job… best design by far!

so love is worth attractive to view at..and it makes sense.. nice artwork indeed!Excellent!

cindy, any 12 year old with Photoshop could have designed that?
I can tell you that a lot of children of 16 years old doesn’t have any idea how to work with Word software , …not to mention about Photoshop!!!

You need to see farther up… simplicity is the best like 39!

Use to it

Ely,, you are entitled to your opinion but I strongly believe that the more complicated it is, the more it gets the attention and from attention it makes a difference, difference that would lead to CHANGE!

That is why 45 gets the strongest appeal for a cover…

We’re talking HERE about THE COVER of a book which should ATTRACT at first sight the readers from ALL THE CONTINENTS by its universality.
We’re NOT talking about THE BOOK itself which can be more complicated.

The word ALPHABET is derived from alpha and beta, the first two symbols of the Greek alphabet.

Each language has special features.
The written language is a human invention, like spoken language, but it is not an universal invention.

The Arabic and the Hebrew came to be written right-to-left.
The Japanese and the Korean scripts mix all the major types of writing system within their orthographies.

I love the #45 one,,its really unique.. and looking through the spaces it fills everything…

I agree Charles.. its really filling in the gap of issues that links towards media..the concept goes beyond what is expected…

21 and 24 … but I love the simplicity of 24 overall. Despite this, 24’s content is relevant and it’s a very clever way to represent it.

24. Definitely.

Two thumbs up for #45..Reflects both of the intrinsic and extrinsic value and principles of news design.Definitely just complete!!

YOU NEED LOT OF PATIENCE WHILE READING #45 cover UNTIL you might understand that’s about the SND competition. You might end up somewhere else.

Gotta say, I’m still surprised #8 didn’t make it into the final round (and that wasn’t even my design). It certainly fit the cover parameters best.

I just hope SND members have as much say in this as social media and the respective cheerleaders for each entry. It’s their Best Of cover after all.

Oh yeah, go 38

About #38:

It is kinda hard to understand reading in the LATIN alphabet that the cover is about SND 34.
Usually it is readable from the left to the right and from up to down and here is nothing else but this: DNS 34

Easy reading helps learning and enjoyment. So what we write should be easy to understand.

There is something like this: If it can be done easy, do it complicated!

“The most complicated skill is to be simple.”

“إن المهارة الأكثر تعقيدا هو أن تكون بسيطة.”

“המיומנות המסובכת ביותר היא להיות פשוט”.


“Самое сложное умение быть простым”.

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