Best of Sports Design 2012: Photo Page/Poster

Here are the Photo Page/Poster winners in the Best of Sports Design 2012.

Here’s how it works: You’ll look at the winners and at the bottom of this post, you’ll vote for your favorite of all the winners. And in a few weeks, we’ll reveal THAT voting too. That’s called an Editors’ Choice Award. Simple enough, right?

Here’s a link to all the categories, entries and other winners.

Editors’ Choice voting deadline: April 21, 2013

Best of Sports Design 2012: Photo Page/Poster

Doug McDermott, Omaha World-Herald
Credit: Tim Parks, Alyssa Schukar and Ryan Soderlin

Bradley Wiggins, Times of London
Credit: Staff

Nets, New York Times
Credit: Sam Manchester

Olympics Horse, Dagens Industri
Credit: Andreas Johansson (editor); Jack Mikrut (photographer)

Blanket Protection, Buffalo News
Credit: Andrea Zagata (designer), John Hickey (photographer), Vince Chiaramonte (design director)

Category stats
Total entries: 46
Total winners: 5


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is design and graphics editor at The Plain Dealer.


Thank you Josh!!!
I am really happy to be on the winners list!!!
Could you possibly just change the spelling of my name:
Jack Mikrut
and the newspaper : Dagens Industri

thanks again. i really appreciate it!!!

The real question, Jack, is how did you come up with this crazy poster idea? It is really cool and I enjoyed all of those Olympic Animal portraits. How did you get the horse in the kitchen? Please share your secrets.

@ Andrea Zagata
The house is quite large and has a large kitchen on the entry level.
I had special “socks” made for Ninja so he wouldn´t have a problem walking on stone and wooden floors.
Ninja was very very calm thanks to his groom and caretake…. she is actually hiding behind the table, while Ninja is munching his breakfast…
so now YOU know 🙂
please do vote for this crazy picture if you like it. Thank you!

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