The Times of London wins Gold medal for magazine design at SND34

The Times of London has won the third Gold medal of the 34th Edition of SND’s annual “Best of News Design” creative competition in Syracuse, N.Y.

The Gold medal was awarded for overall magazine design for “Eureka”

Some of the comments from the group of judges: “It’s both beautiful and explanatory. The entire magazine is devoted to teaching you something. It showcases very rich subject matter. These are inventive, imaginative pages and an example of what we should be trying to do. Every page tries something different, and many take risks. It appeals to both a novice and an expert; it strikes a balance between entertainment and education without feeling like a scientific journal. It uses every tool we have available to us as art directors, and it uses them to the highest level. Maybe the best magazine in the world, not just the best magazine in this competition.”

The Gold medal was a highlight of the third and final day of the competition, which is being held at Syracuse University for the 24th straight year. The judges have seen more than 9,500 entries and will conclude their work Monday afternoon.

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