The Day Two Award count

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Here’s where things stand as we get ready to start the last day of SND34 judging:

553 Awards of Excellence
24 Silver Medals
2 Gold
8 Judges Special Recognition

Gold Medal

Gulf News, Dubai. News Page Design/Inside Page

gold2 1

Judges comments in awarding the Gold:

“This pushes the limit of creativity. If you’re a Bond fan, this is a series I would spend a TON of time with. The bullets at the end create a fabulous ending to these pages. It completes it. I can’t find one thing wrong with it, and there’s just SO much right with it. It breaks every rule, and yet follows every rule at the same time. It works perfectly. Every time I look at it, I find something else to read and love. You’ve got the car, you’ve got the girls. You’ve got everything.”

Judges Special Recognition

Los Angeles Times.


Judges comments in awarding a JSR for use of photography in their 2012 Olympics cover pages:

“We have a Sports section that has come up with a concept, and an idea — and chosen photography as the method to drive the story home for its readers. To do it once is one thing. To do it six times, at this level of excellence, is well beyond what we expect to give to our readers. What strikes me is the people — the photographer did a great job highlighting these athletes as people, and we see their personality shining through.”

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland.


Judges comments in awarding a JSR for art direction:

“Comics can get old very quickly. They sustained this excellence, playing off the news of season, and maintained such a high level of consistency throughout the year. It’s hard to plan the content alone, but then the illustrations were so brilliantly done. The humor of these is actually wonderful as well, and that’s tough to pull off.”

Times of London.

olyjsr 3

olyjsr 4

Judges comments in awarding a JSR for visual storytelling:

“They get every detail right — right down to the agate. As an Olympic fan, it’s that level of detail that really separates this from other entries. It’s clean, well thought-out, and so smart. It uses the medium incredibly well, and in such unique ways. It was the most thorough and consistent coverage we saw of the Games. They did it day after day, at such a high level. If I was going to the Games, I’d be buying these every day, saving them, and using them.
A true Olympic effort — and all done on deadline.”

National Post.

jsr2 1

jsr2 2

Judges comments in awarding a JSR for reader engagement:

“They recognized an exploding demographic and are playing into people’s real time interest. This is good stuff for newspapers to be doing. We haven’t seen anything like this. Not in the sense of reverse publishing. It makes it a fun game out of reading the paper.”

Silver Medals

The Washington Post. Third Silver. News Design/Business Pages


Omaha World-Herald. Second Silver. News Design/Sports Pages


Las Vegas Sun. News Design/A-section


Gulf News. News Design/Inside Pages


Omaha World-Herald. News Design/Business Page


El Comercio, Lima, Peru. Special Coverage/Sections

silver19 1

silver19 2

Tomasz Bochenski, art director at Dziennik Polski/magnes, Krakow, Poland. Page Designer Portfolio


The Plain Dealer, Cleveland. Third Silver. Special Coverage/Single Subject

silver17 2

National Post, Features Design/Inside Pages


Los Angeles Times. Fourth Silver. Special Coverage/Single Subject

silver15 1

silver15 2

The Washington Post. Second Silver. Special Coverage

silver14 1

silver14 4

El Correo, Bilbao, Spain. Special Coverage

silver13 1

silver13 2

Politiken. Photography/Multiple Photographs

silver12 1

silver12 2

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