The Day Three Award count

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Here’s where things stand at the conclusion of the last day of SND34 judging:

717 Awards of Excellence
36 Silver Medals
3 Gold Medals
10 Judges Special Recognition

Gold Medal and full-panel Judges Special Recognition for visual storytelling

Times of London. Overall Magazine Design for “Eureka”

gold3 3

gold3 2

gold3 5

Judges comments in awarding the Gold:

“It’s both beautiful and explanatory. The entire magazine is devoted to teaching you something. It showcases very rich subject matter. These are inventive, imaginative pages and an example of what we should be trying to do. Every page tries something different, and many take risks. It appeals to both a novice and an expert; it strikes a balance between entertainment and education without feeling like a scientific journal. It uses every tool we have available to us as art directors, and it uses them to the highest level. Maybe the best magazine in the world, not just the best magazine in this competition.”

Judges Special Recognition

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland. Second JSR.
Also Award of Excellence, Chris Morris, Art Director, Single Lead Black-and-White Illustration

silver17 2


Judges comments in awarding the JSR for Reader Experience:

The scale is unfathomable. It goes above and beyond any illustration we saw. The sheer size and continuity is extremely impressive. And each caricature has character; the volume of work does not result in a loss of personality. It contains humor and surprise – there are lots of Easter eggs throughout.

Silver Medals

Politiken. News Design/A-sections


Los Angeles Times. Fifth Silver. Page Design Portfolio/News staff

silver35 1

silver35 2

silver35 3

The Buffalo News. Page Design Portfolio/Sports staff


La Nacion, Buenos Aires. Redesign/Section Redesign


The Grid, Toronto. Third Silver. Overall Magazine Design


The Grid, Toronto. Second Silver. Magazine Cover Story Design/Features


The Grid, Toronto. Magazine Cover Story Design

silver30 1

silver30 2

South China Morning Post. Information Graphics/Enterprise or Features Graphics


Hartford Courant. Breaking News Topics/Local/Regional


Die Zeit. Breaking News Topics/Politics & Elections


The New York Times. News Graphics/Deadline


The Washington Post. Fourth Silver. Breaking News Topics/Politics & Elections

silver25 1

silver25 2

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