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And here’s where things stand as we get ready to start the second day of SND34 judging:

324 Awards of Excellence
15 Silver Medals
1 Gold
4 Judges Special Recognition

Gold Medal and Judges Special Recognition

The Washington Post. Single-Subject Series

silver8 1

Judges comments in awarding the series a JSR for excellence in visual storytelling:

“The content is so complex, but it’s so accessible to the reader. At every turn, you want to read this. It doesn’t feel like work for the reader. It’s polished. It’s the beauty of storytelling. Everything has the right amount of space — nothing feels blown out, nothing feels crammed in. It’s so common for something to be either just beautiful or just informative or just accessible. This is all three.”

Silver Medal and Judges Special Recognition

Los Angeles Times. Photography/Multiple Photos

silver9 1

silver9 2

Judges comments in awarding a JSR for use of photography:

“This is one of the tools we have as a newspaper, to get the size and scope and scale of photojournalism to readers. This is a great model of how to handle a massive series in a massive way, at an extremely high level of excellence. This shows great commitment to a big story. We applaud the work of photographer Rick Loomis, for the deep understanding of how to make this gigantic number a personal issue.”

The Denver Post. Spot News Photography. JSR was awarded on Day 2.


Judges comments in awarding a JSR for risk-taking in photo editing:

“The way we experience these events is through TV, but this is nothing like what we saw from TV. It shows the power of photography. The beehive of activity, but also the quietness of the moment. There’s nothing violent happening, but the photo feels violent. And silent. This photo is awarded a judges’ special recognition for risk-taking in photo editing. It depicts content that may be objectionable to some, but it pushes the story photo in a way that reaction photos cannot do.”

El Comercio, Lima, Peru. Photography. JSR awarded on Day 2.


Judges comments in awarding a JSR:

“Of all the news photos, this one really stood out. The composition is outstanding, but honestly – the photographer put their life in danger to get this shot. The details — the blood on the hands, the crop … the angle really puts you in the photographer’s eye. It makes you scared. I feel his panic. This was the standout of everything we saw.”

Silver Medals

Los Angeles Times. Third Silver. Special Coverage

silver9 2

The Washington Post. Second Silver. Special Coverage

silver14 1

El Correo, Bilbao, Spain. Special Coverage/Sports

silver13 1

Politiken. Photography/Multiple photographs

silver12 1

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland. Second Silver. Special News Topics/Features Content


Los Angeles Times. Second Silver. Special News Topics

silver9 2

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland. Special News Topics/Features Content

silver7 2

National Post. Features Design/Fashion


Toronto Star. Photography


National Post. Photography


Los Angeles Times. Photography

The first silver medal of SND34. To the Los Angeles Times.

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