SND34 World’s Best: Welt am Sonntag


Welt am Sonntag, Berlin, Germany

The judges wrote:

In a world of German papers so expansive in size that you need arm extensions in order to open them, Welt am Sonntag delivers its weekly authoritative report on a very broad broadsheet with surprising restraint.

While many publications cram in multiple stories and entry points to draw readers through each page, Welt am Sonntag goes against that trend. Most pages feature a single in-depth story with one main visual, using great discipline not to embellish or decorate. However, the editors and designers keep long-form storytelling from feeling impenetrable by cleverly disguising the length and drawing readers through each story.

The publication takes advantage of the large format, using generous white space and epic-sized photography. The paper employs a strong grid that German papers do so well, but Welt am Sonntag knows when to break the structure in smart ways. Large, well-placed ads appear on some of the best-designed pages; they are simply factored into the design strategy for each page.

The typography is limited to one serif and one sans serif but manages to speak with many voices. Clean and simple typographic devices create organization, navigation and welcomed diversions.

An incredibly high level of illustration is used throughout the publication, including the covers. The concepts are clear and novel, often starting with an idea on the cover and giving it a fresh spin inside.

Although Welt am Sonntag also introduced a smartly designed compact edition, the full-sized version, a World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper winner in 2008, continues to engage and inform.

This isn’t just a design; it’s a culture.

See pages from the winning entry in this slideshow

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