SND34 World’s Best: Politiken


Politiken, Copenhagen, Denmark

The judges wrote:

After being named a World’s Best-Designed™ Newspaper winner last year, it would be very easy for any publication to become complacent or stale, but Politiken has managed to elevate its great work, and indeed, build on it.

Politiken’s efforts have become a defined classic in the industry, but the designers and editors somehow manage to renew their energy every day. This is a newspaper that has reached visual maturity but still has promise for more to come (we hope).

The base quality comes from a very strong use of photography, interesting choices, provocative edits and strong play. But they’re fearless about which resources or visual languages they’ll use to deliver each day’s report. The range is spectacular when you look at the different styles they use: from classic displays and intimate portraits, to even turning the cover completely into a hand-drawn comic book.

The standing features and structures are strong, but they’re flexible, and Politiken customizes them to the content.

Overall, Politiken’s content drives the visuals — so the visuals could literally be anything. They have the tools to execute that wide variety of content and tone. Through a combination of their efforts, structure and discipline, they take a medium format daily and make it warmer and more intimate – almost like a really large compact. The quality is so rich that Politiken could be a weekly, but the staff is executing at that high a level on a daily basis.

In the end, it almost seems that when an issue is completed, they don’t print it, but instead they take the time to re-edit and focus it a little more, like they’re going through another round of editing, finding ways to enhance and add value. It’s the best way we can imagine how they make each edition even stronger.

We congratulate Politiken’s team on climbing the World’s Best mountain for a second consecutive year, and we challenge them to keep finding ways to grow, stretch and evolve in the face of this success.

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