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Judges at the Society for News Design’s Best of News Design competition are used to seeing new, innovative entries, but one set of entries this year stood out – the first entries from India.

Dianik Bhaskar entered five items in the category of News Page Design. Judges were very interested to see new publications from different areas getting involved.

“Design is an ever-evolving thing. … This is something new for us – everything we see publication-wise helps us learn,” said news design judge Rebekah Monson of the University of Miami. Monson said Dianik Bhaskar used many devices and styles seen in well-designed newspapers around the world, including breakout boxes, numbers, pull quotes and shaded boxes that typically aid readers in understanding stories.

Features judge Chris Mihal, of the Asbury Park Gannett Design Studio, said the paper does a good job of combining long-form and short-form stories.

That mixture also stood out to features judge Mary Garrison of the Advance Weekly Entertainment. She said the pages present the reader with a lot of information very quickly, and helps scanning readers to get the crux of the story and decide if they want to read more. “With every story, they tried to find another way to tell it, or to add to it,” she said.

That mixture gave the page a very personal feel for news judge Adrian Norris, of The Globe and Mail. He said the high-item count presented a lot of information in addition to items such as large jump numbers that seem to help guide the reader. Typographically, judges noted the paper’s use of what appeared to be only one font helped create a variety of voice and a clear hierarchy. “I like the font,” Norris said. “It feels modern.”

— Contributed by Thomas Marcetti of The Villages Daily Sun in Florida


i know shajan who designs dainik bhaskar.
good to hear this comment which,
i assume, is about his work.

Congrats to the Master of Design, Wizard of Art — Shajan ji. Lage Raho sirji, Lage Raho. Keep using your magic hands.

India is a place where print media is still so strong. People here love to read. It is good to read positive comments on our newspaper from world leaders in the industry.

Bhaskar always experiments on new trends. Congratulations to the entire team. Well done guys. Keep it up.

It is time for Bhaskar group to launch international editions of their newspapers. We NRI’s love to read news from our motherland.

Congratulations Bhaskar team. You people deserve this pat. Last time when I visited India in August, I had a chance to read the paper from IG Airport in New Delhi. It was impressive. Content, look and feel.

I like your websites too. Tried your Apps. But both need good design attention. Hope you will look in to it.

Great news. Shajan sir was our teacher at Madras Christian College, Chennai. It was M.A Communication class and he took classes on News Design and New Media. We used to eagerly wait for his classes. He was so friendly and we have never seen him getting angry! We used to ask him many silly questions. And he used to listen to us carefully and clear our doubts. Thank you sir for all your patients…

I’d like to congratulate the Dainik Bhaskar team as well, and thank our regional director TK Sajeev for his help with this effort. It is great for all of us to learn from the excellent work being done in your country and I hope to see more news organizations in India take part next year.

Indian newspaper industry is growing. Attention to the news design is the core of success for any newspaper. Content and design has to compliment each other. Bhaskar has got wonderful editors. I love to read Kalpesh Yagnik’s column. He writes so well.

Thank you everyone for the good words and support. This is an outcome of great leadership and teamwork of Bhaskar group. Our Editor Mr. Rajesh Upadhyay (New Delhi) is an inspiration for all of us. He explains news in a way that makes readability improve. His sense of infograpics is so good that any news designer would love to work with him. Thanks to Bhaskar New Delhi team. And thank you SND.

It absolutely amazing to know such success stories, and it feels even better to know great news related to knowledgeable teachers like Shajan sir, Congratulations to Bhaskar group and Shajan sir

It is the first time an Indian newspaper is being closely monitored by world leaders in the industry. And they have said good things about it. Feel proud to be an Indian. We have the right talent in India. The only thing we now have to focus on is to give the talent right opportunities.

Indian media industry is growing. Every day I can see new news channels being launched. So the need for quality content is growing in India. For that matter, quality content has a demand worldwide.

Bhaskar being a well established group can take the risk of doing experiments on innovations on developing quality content. Not just for print but for online, iPads and mobile.

All the best to the Bhaskar team.

Congratulations to the Bhaskar team. Indeed it is a proud moment for us all who stay away form India. Would like to make a suggestion too.

The next generation of NRI’s have a problem with their language skills. They are very good in English. But bit slow in learning their mother-tongue. They understand the language well. Speaks well too. But finding it difficult to read.

So can Bhaskar group come up with a project on audio/video content in Hindi and other Indian languages you currently deal with. Mainly online with support to iPads, Tabs, mobiles.

I am sure the market will respond well to it.

Once again all the best to Bhaskar team.

What makes it different is its style of presentation. Congrats Dainik Bhaskar team. We are expecting more from you. All the best.

Is it possible to compile ‘Asambhav Ke Virudh’, Kalpesh Yagnik’s columns into an interactive e-book (of course with audio)? We would love it. I think Shajan is capable of doing the production work of this very easily. We are waiting to download it!

Well done Shajan. What it makes good is the way in which it carried the stories of different lengths with varying importance. Congrats.

I am impressed by the Bhaskar groups Newspaper in Education (NIE) program ‘Junior Editor’. Here is an opportunity for students experience making of a daily newspaper. Thank you Bhaskar team.

Congratulations Bhaskar team. The regional language media is growing in India. It is heard that The Hindu’s publishers are planning to bring out a Tamil newspaper soon.

Bhaskar group is the only newspaper group in India always focused on innovations. They dare to do things that matters to their readers. Kudos to the team Bhaskar. Keep the good work going. All the best.

I have read through the entire comments put in here. It is strange that no one from the Bhaskar group bothered to answer the quires put in here. They seem to be very clever! Don’t want to commit anything! Ha ha ha… great guys.

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