3 Questions: Vanessa Wyse


Vanessa Wyse is the Creative Director of The Grid in Toronto. During its first year, The Grid was honored as one of SND’s World’s Best Designed Newspapers. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Vanessa is a judge on the visuals team.

What’s the best part about being a judge?
“I enjoyed seeing the different ways to visually tell a story as well as seeing what an editor, a photo editor and an art director would look for in a newspaper as opposed to a magazine.”

Are there any trends you’ve seen?
“I’d like to see infographics continue to develop. I think that graphic artists are in this interesting place right now where the industry is balancing this data visualization trend with traditional infographics.”

What inspires you?
“New fun ideas. I was really happy when Magnes won that silver because I just love simple, clean ideas.”

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