3 Questions: Ryan Hildebrandt


Ryan Hildebrandt is the Creative Director for Gannett’s Louisville Design Studio. Previously, he was the Design Editor for the Indianapolis Star. Ryan is a judge on the long form team.

This is your first time in Syracuse. What has surprised you?

“For me, the overall level of quality of the entries. I expected a lot more pages on the tables to be … not that great. But everything has been really tough to chose between.”

What trends have you seen so far?  

“I really love the hand-drawn approach to telling a serious story. But at this point in the competition it’s starting to wear on me. It’s something that I think is starting to get overdone.”

What’s one thing people should know about you?

“I used to wear flip-flops a lot, like Larry Buchanan. Probably before he ever wore them.”

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