3 Questions: Paul Wallen

Paul Wallen is senior designer at the Tampa Bay Times. He is a generalist judge.

What has surprised you about being a judge?

“Having been a facilitator I’m surprised how hard it is not to help.”

What do you mean? Why can’t you help?

“You don’t want to accidentally see who an entry is from if you’re a judge because you don’t want to be influenced by any outside information. So it’s hard to just hang back until all the entries are on the table and ready to be judged.”

What has surprised you about the work you’ve seen so far?

“I was really impressed by The Washington Post’s political coverage just in the way they make information accessible. A lot of people in newsrooms are political junkies – I am not. But I still wanted to take those entries home and read them. Really, I wanted to take their political coverage and show it to every editor out there. It’s informative coverage that’s easy to read and accessible.”


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