3 Questions: Nick Mrozowski


Nick Mrozowski is the creative director for Adweek Magazine. Nick is a judge on the features team.

What’s your takeaway from the experience of being a judge?
“I have got to do better work. Having to vote ‘no’ for things that you would be proud to have done really puts it in perspective.”

Do you have any advice for people entering next year?
“Put together a portfolio of your work and edit it down to 5 or 6 pages. And if you have a page that doesn’t make that cut? Don’t even think about entering it. If it’s not your best work it’s not going to stand up to the best work here.”

What do you like to geek-out on?
“Oh, I watch TV. If I hadn’t have been here I’d be done with House of Cards on Netflix. I’m on episode 11 and a half. I’m very excited to finish it.”

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