3 Questions: Mary Garrison


Mary Garrison is the arts and entertainment designer for the Staten Island Advance. She previously worked at the Indianapolis Star and was art director of its weekly entertainment magazine. Mary is a judge on the features team.


What’s been the most fun part about being a judge?

“We’re looking at portfolios now. So you’ve seen each individual page but now you see them all as a body of work and think ‘Wow, that person is really spectacular at what they do.’ So it’s thrilling to see such an amazing amount of good work.”

Have you seen any trends in the contest?

“In features we had a lot of big spreads that were based on popular entertainment topics. There were a lot of papers using a double-truck space for movie trivia. The Hobbit. James Bond – lots of James Bond. So that was a trend. Also: Circular graphics. There were all these swoops and very strange timelines. So that was unusual as a trend. Some of them made sense but most of the time I couldn’t find a real rhyme or reason for the round storytelling.”

What are your Oscar picks for this year?

“Argo really might win best picture. I think it will. Ben Affleck didn’t get a nod for director but he’s won everything else. However, the best movie of the year is probably Zero Dark Thirty but the bad thing is I haven’t seen it yet. I’m seeing it next weekend. My nerdy thing I do is I always look at box office reports. It’s an instantaneous thing that I do every morning. That’s my nerdy thing.”

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