3 Questions: Josh Crutchmer


Josh Crutchmer is news design director at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He was the SND33 print competition coordinator and is a judge on the news team.

How do you feel the competition is going so far?
“It’s going well. It’s exhausting but the nerves from yesterday are gone.”

Have you seen any trends in what you’ve seen?
“One specific thing that I’ve seen over and over is Pac-Man – and there’s no rhyme or reason for it. I’ve seen 6 different Pac-Man illustrations … Pac-Man gobbling up a gas tank … and then another one with Pac-Man eating a headline … So I don’t know if Pac-Man had an anniversary last year or something, but lots of Pac-Men. Or Pacs-Man. Or whatever. Pac-People.”

What’s something surprising about you that people don’t know?
“My very first journalism job was not in newspapers it was doing play-by-play for high-school sports on AM radio in rural Oklahoma. It was KOKL Radio in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Nobody really did listen so I got into newspapers.”

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