3 Questions: Cristóbal Edwards


Cristóbal Edwards taught visual journalism at Universidad Católica de Chile for 12 years. He’s been an SND member since 1997 and serves as director of international relations. Cristóbal is a generalist judge.

What has surprised you about being a judge?

“This competition is extremely well organized. For the incredible number of entries that we are evaluating it runs very smoothly. Yes, it’s long hours. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But it’s like a very well oiled machine. But nevertheless it’s not an automatic process. When we need to stop and ponder and discuss, we do. I think in that sense it’s a nice pace in that we are able to pay attention to the pieces and yet be able to go though more than 9,000 entries.”

What trends are you seeing in this year’s entries?

“I’d like to convey the message to designers and artists who work so hard in shrunk newsrooms with long hours and low pay and then they do these gigantic pieces that we believe are beautiful but the reader cannot swallow them. It’s too much. It’s like they are overworking. So the message is: You don’t need to overwork. Stories are complex in their own nature. So the service to the reader is to make it digestible. That is what should be celebrated.”

How do you think the competition should evolve?

“I’d like to see more international participants in the competition. There are many already but from not that many countries and not that many newspapers. I’d like to see more diversity at the competition. I’d love to see more tabloids. They have their own slightly different way to look at things and design them. There’s no right and wrong. It’s different and diverse and we need to embrace that.”

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