3 Questions: Chris Mihal


Chris Mihal is the Creative Director of the Asbury Park Design Studio. He has been a senior designer at the Arizona Republic and the Creative Director of Creative Loafing Atlanta. Chris is a graduate of Ball State University and is a judge on the features team.

What has surprised you most about being a judge?

“It’s surprising how in sync 5 people can actually be. There are a lot of 5-0’s and 1-4’s. Ususally the ones that win are 4-1’s. You think about our profession as being so subjective, but as judges we just know what good work is.”

What has surprised you most about the work you’ve seen so far? 

“The lack of surprise. I haven’t really seen much that I haven’t seen before. Obviously there’s going to be a few pieces that are going to be in medal contention but a lot of the thing feel like things we seen in years past.

What is one surprising thing about you?

“Everybody hates me. But I’m a nice guy, I promise.”

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