3 Questions: Adrian Norris


Adrian Norris is a senior leader at The Globe and Mail. He has previously worked at The Times, The Sunday Times and The South China Morning Post. Adrian is a judge on the news team.

What has surprised you about being a judge?
“It’s really hard work and it takes you the first round just to get an understanding of the competition. The volume of work is quite stunning.”

It’s Day 3. After seeing so many entries, what’s your takeaway?
“I’d like to have seen a lot more innovation on the layout front. I think the majority is still very traditional. In terms of the design many entries could have been done 20 years ago. With the industry the way it is we need that innovation.”

Are you enjoying Syracuse?
“We’ve had some great snow. Actually, it’s been quite beautiful out. I also went over to the University and the new media building is absolutely stunning – a gorgeous building. I’d like to work there myself.”

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