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SND’s Best of News Design is the leading competition of its kind in the world and we are now in our 34th year. Each year in Syracuse there is a dizzying array of work from all over the world. Inspirational coverage of important local stories, stunning features, eye-catching photos and awe-inducing graphics. Broadsheet, tabloid, magazine.

There are some places in the world, however, that it’s a little more difficult to enter the competition.

Take India for instance. The news is a thriving part of the cultural landscape with thousands of titles. For a news designer to enter SND’s competition, though, is far above what that person earns at their job. SND would like to help so we are trying an experiment.

SND India’s region director, T.K. Sajeev Kumar has reached out to news designers across India to submit their best work to him. A small group of judges will review that work and nominate for entry into SND’s competition. Meanwhile, we are using the crowdsourcing site Razoo, a site for non-profits to raise money, to help these designers put their work up against the best in the world.

If you’d like to help, here’s how. Outreach to different parts of the world has always been one of SND’s core principles. We have region directors from all over the world.

The background

Despite the growth of new platforms, there is still a strong preference for print media among news consumers in India. One supporting factor is the high literacy rate and the other is the culture of regular newspaper reading from the Colonial times. There has been a steady, promising increase in readership which makes India a fertile land suitable for new publications.
However accessing high-level training and support for Indian journalists can be a challenge given cost and distance.
For the last two years the Society for News Design ( has held training events and outreach led by T.K. Sajeev Kumar. Here is a report from one event last year.
Supporting Indian news designers to compete against the best news designers in the world is a natural next step.
SND’s Best of News Design
Every year SND hosts the Best of News Design competition bringing together judges to assess thousands of entries from more than 30 countries. Each entry costs $15.

Collecting entries

T.K. Sajeev Kumar, SND’s regional director in India, is collecting work — these are news, sports and features pages, illustrations and infographics from designers around India. With your help we would like to enter the best of these pages into the competition, a cost that is otherwise prohibitive for these journalists.

Indian newspaper industry by the numbers

India’s thriving, colorful culture is also a thriving news culture. Here are some basics:

  • Registered newspapers: 14,508
  • Registered English-language newspapers: 1,406
  • Other-language newspapers: 13,102
  • Hindi-language newspapers: Hindi, 7,910
  • Registered magazines: 82,237

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