Election 2012: Storytelling + Humor = A microsite with attitude

According to the Washington Post, 50 million Americans won’t vote tomorrow.

Excuses for not voting range from, “I’m too busy” to “I’m just not interested in politics.” To combat that, Cultivated Wit and Fight for the Future (funded by the Ford Foundation) teamed up to shame people into voting by debunking the most common excuses.

YourExcuseSucks.com was born.

Cultivated Wit, an agency made up of three former Onion staffers, is “a creative laboratory” that fuses comedy and technology to “make the world less shitty.” The team pulled me on board to help design the microsite.

I loved being involved with this project because the combination of humor, storytelling and shame is powerful. Taking a serious subject and breaking it down into a light-hearted, less-intimidating, easily shareable microsite is one of the best ways to get the word out about an issue.

You don’t need a big budget or a big team to build something that has impact. We built this little site in three days, with a small team. So far the site has been shared more than 1,300 times (6 on Google plus!) and has hopefully changed a few minds.

(Larry Buchanan is a designer, illustrator and columnist living in Brooklyn. You can see more of his work here.)

About Larry Buchanan

is a freelance designer and developer living in Brooklyn, NY.


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