Designing Election 2012: Share your pages, graphics and interactives here

After years of campaigning, gazillions of negative ads, thousands upon thousands of debates, oodles upon oodles of facts checked, gaffs that made their own gaffs, mailers, robocalls, stumping, swinging, polling, real-clear-politicking, all endlessly, breathlessly analyzed, re-analyzed and re-re-analyzed. And now we are here. Election Day 2012.

A day like no other.

Let’s see what you’ve done. Show your work at SND | Show Your Work on tumblr. Click on the submit button — it looks like a paper and pencil on the top right portion of the page — and you can post a text or image file.

Ask for feedback and then we’ll discuss, breakdown and breathlessly move on to the next big thing.

This week we’ll focus on the election, but think of this as our digital gathering spot where you can start to come to check out each others work.


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