Election 2012: How Las Vegas Sun photographer Sam Morris makes images of the president

Sam Morris on photographing the president:

How do you shoot candidates in essentially the same, controlled situation time after time and keep it interesting? First, I get bored. Not with the event, which, no matter how many time I do it is still fun to cover, but with my photos. I don’t like turning in the same photos over and over, so when I am getting the standard CYA (cover your ass) shots, I am always looking for something that might look different. The events are very well planned and scripted, which makes me look around for things that aren’t scripted that will either add to the story or just be an interesting picture. Sometimes I’ll pull out a toy film camera like for the panorama shot with a Sprocket Rocket, or a Lensbaby and play around with selective focus. Then, sometimes you get lucky and the president steps into a bubble of lens flair.

Visit SND.org later this to week see how Las Vegas Sun photographer Steve Marcus approaches shooting campaign events featuring Governor Mitt Romney. 

(Sam Morris is a photographer at the Las Vegas Sun. You can follow him on Twitter or visit his Instagram at sampix_morris. More of his images can be found here.)

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