Olympics Roundup: Bolt, Diving and Bronze

Today’s collection leads off with a motion-capture graphic from the New York Times, this one is on how to win on the high dive:

Find the graphic here: Leap three stories, impress judges.

U-Sain in the Mem-brane!!!

There is zero chance I didn’t say that back in the 2008 Olympics roundup from whatever day this was. A collection of front pages from Bolt’s 200-meter domination.

The Independent

The Times of London.

The Gleaner (Kingston, Jamaica)

The Jamaica Observer

Olympics fails

The Daily Mirror has a gallery up of Olympics flops.


Globe and Mail after the Canadian women took the bronze medal.

The National Post

The Sun

Detroit Free Press on the U.S. women winning gold

Caption contest!

One banana equals two bananas in this CNN graphic on Olympics eating.

To the rest of us, the number is irrelevant, as it can only mean. one. thing.

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